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Pictures of Atlantis III

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Hurricane Report

September 23, 2004 - New Pictures Posted
I apologize for taking so long to get these pictures posted. I had some technical difficulties.

It'll Look Worse Before It Looks Better
A friend of mine checked out my unit today. Here are some pictures from today (9/12/2004). Click here.

Officials reopen Jensen causeway
The Jensen Beach Causeway in Martin County has been reopened to traffic, but State Road A1A north of the Florida Power & Light Co. Nuclear Power Plant in St. Lucie County is expected to remain closed for at least the next two weeks.

Complete article at:,1651,TCP_1239_3171215,00.html

Let there be light.... - Report from Fred Hein - 9/9/2004 9:38pm
Power is back on in Atlantis III.

Today our contractor began securing the air conditioners on our roof and cut off the electric supply to each unit to prevent problems when the power came on. He will be back tomorrow to continue securing units that can be tied down. Work to clear Atlantis III continues tomorrow.

I am told that the water department had to cut off water to Buildings A & B due to broken pipes.

Pictures from Travis and Agnes Palmer
Click Here.

My mom and dad live in Building B (John and Agnes O'Keefe). My husband and I went up to take a look at the place today. Fred is correct -- it is not as bad as it looks on the news, but it is pretty bad. Word has it that the roof is a major problem on Building B. My mom's unit on the fifth floor has the bathroom ceilings coming down and the carpets are totally soaked. I was told that the units on floors 6 and 7 are just as bad.

We were able to talk with lots of folks and all whom we spoke with are hanging in. One man we spoke with from Building III said it best...He said, "Mother nature has done her job, now we must do ours."

We live further south in Florida and had very little damage -- trees down and power outages, but nothing like you all experienced. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

The island is still only open to residents. If anyone is our situation where they live near by and have relatives who are up north for the summer, all they need to do is have a letter faxed to them that they can show the officials who are letting people on the island. The letter should state the owner's name and address, the name and address of the person going to check the property and a photocopy of the owner's license. It should also say that the person is the caretaker of the property in the owner's absence.

Pictures from Fred Hein
Fred Hein just emailed these pictures to me. Click Here.

Message Board
You can also check news at the message board at:

Pictures posted at (Thanks Pete Karamourtopoulos)
Some of these pictures show ground floor units with 3 feet of sand in the living room.

Click on link to "power of sand" & "storm damage" for Mon Sept 6

From Atlantis A (Unit 508):
Apparently the person in 403 stayed and weathered the storm. He says that the 1st floor units all have about 2 feet of sand in them. The retaining wall at the pool is gone and the pool heater is in the parking lot. There also seems to be tar paper hanging from the roofs.

From Fred Hein (9/5/2004 8:51pm)
I just got a call from Ralph Greco with an update on conditions at Atlantis III. Andy from #107 was able to get onto the island today and see the building. His unit had some water in it from a broken window, and some of the first floor patios had sand in them. He looked around the building and found no shutters out of place and the lobby was intact and dry. There is no power to the building. The recycling shed is gone, as are many of the landscape plants, but the structure appears to be OK. There is an evening curfew in place and he had to leave the island before it began. Andy will go back tomorrow and take a better look while he has more time.

The town of Jensen Beach is shut down. No stores are open and most everyone is involved in cleanup work. Andy did tell Ralph that the actual damage he has seen is nowhere near as bad as it looks on TV, so we may be in pretty good shape when this is all settled.

I still plan on being at the building Monday afternoon or Tuesday, and will get another update to you then. In the meantime, I would appreciate any information you can send my way. I will get it out to the owners right away.

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