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Do you ever talk to people in the building while hanging out at the pool or the patio and feel like everybody (including renters) know more about what's going on around here than you?

I felt that way while I was living up north and working, but I don't think any of my neighbors should have to feel that way. That's why I am starting an Atlantis III discussion group on Google.

This is also a great place for owners to share information about contractors and other services. When I was looking for a new air conditioner, I called several places before selecting one and I was surprised to learn how significantly the price varied ($3500-$6000). I asked a few people for referrals, but none of them had any (a month later, one of those people asked me for an a/c referral).

But it seems we always need some kind of skilled trade help around here. I would have appreciated just being able to post to a list and ask, "Does anybody know a good company to install a new air conditioner?" But we also need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, window companies, flooring companies, kitchen remodelers, etc. This discussion list will help us to help each other.

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