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Recent Letter to Owners
By: III-5072008-12-19 06:42:14
My most recent letter to Atlantis III owners can be found at It details potential conflicts of interest by members of the Atlantis III Board of Directors.

atlantis iii common elements
By: III-2012008-10-22 14:24:53
just received latest correspondence from our illustrious board asking for our appoval for illegal changes to the common elements. How do they put it. Let's see and I quote "While the board believes that none of these changes required a unit owner vote , the board wishes to obtain 75% vote to approve them. IF WE DO NOT OBTAIN THE REQUIRED VOTE, THE STATE MAY REQUIRE THE ASSOCIATION TO RETURN THEM TO THEIR ORIGINAL CONDITION." What shameless people! AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THEM IN THIS. IS THERE NO ONE LEFT WITH INTERGRITY AND A CONSCIENCE? nora gray

Legislature Revises Florida Condo Act.
By: III-5072008-06-06 06:47:19
The Florida Legislature has revised the Condominium Act. The new Act goes into effect October 1. Many things that the Atlantis III Board has been doing, and which we have merely considered unethical, will be illegal. I was especially pleased to see that these people can now be fined personally for their acts of malice.

View these articles for information on the new act:

Legislative report: Get tough on condo, homeowner associations
By: III-5072008-06-06 06:28:37
March 20, 2008
"In a Hallandale Beach case, four people were arrested, including a condo president who has pleaded guilty, in the theft of $1.4 million in unit owners' money. In another case, the former president and treasurer of a Davie condo is awaiting trial on charges of taking $759,654 from owners. And the former treasurer of a Hollywood condo is charged with receiving more than $13,000 in health plan coverage." Read the complete article at

Flag Raising Ceremony
By: III-5072008-06-01 20:21:59
I scanned in this picture from the flag raising ceremony back in 2007. Hope everybody enjoys seeing it.

insurance savings e-mail
By: III-2012008-04-14 20:46:22
on 2/19 i sent an e-mail using the address provided by fred hein, board president, asking various questions about the insurance appraisal process. i.e. dates of old & then new appraisal, names of companies doing the appraisal, etc. i never received a reply. i followed up 4/11, but still have had no reply. does anyone else have any other information. thanks

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